Young Artist Program


GreenSpring's Young Artist Program is designed for exceptional young musicians who are serious about pursuing a career in music. This intensive, conservatory preparation program will afford a complete immersion in not only the repertoire and technical studies of the instrument of choice, but also in music history, theory, and ear training. Students will receive excellent preparation for college-level training and will broaden and hone their performance skills and deepen their musical understanding. In addition, through the Music Topics seminar, each student will be given an opportunity to explore their individual potential for musical performance styles, teaching, music academia, conducting and other focus areas according to aptitude and interest. Due to the intensive nature of the program, the curriculum is tailored to each student. High school credit for the program may be an option, depending on the school.

Graduates of the GreenSpring Young Artist Program have earned spots in the most prestigious music schools in the nation and in Europe such as Peabody and Oberlin Conservatories, The Juilliard School, Rice, the University of Michigan, Berklee School of Music and the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris and have been awarded substantial scholarships. Graduates have established careers in performance, composition, music education and music therapy.