Marieasha hasn’t had an easy life. Her father was incarcerated and her mother has struggled financially, raising the family as a single-parent head of household in the East End of Richmond. Marieasha’s mother could not afford music lessons, but knew her daughter wanted to play an instrument. Marieasha was first introduced to the harp through GreenSpring’s Sound Experiences program at the Boys and Girls Club when she was just seven years old. Her talent and love for the harp was clear from the start. She has made wonderful progress and by the age of twelve, had auditioned for and was accepted into the American Youth Harp Ensemble. In the AYHE she has found a community of friends, some from vastly different backgrounds, all connected through their love of the harp. Her teachers have this to say of Marieasha: “Marieasha was a very shy student, lacking in confidence. Her success at the harp has helped her blossom into a confident young woman. The harp clearly gives her something to feel special about and we are incredibly proud of the great progress she is making."


According to her mother, “When she has harp lessons, it helps her to focus more in school and on her homework.” She has been inducted into the National Honor Society and the National Math Honor Society. She's in her senior year now and has never missed a day of school since she started in HeadStart. Marieasha's mother even brought a copy of her most recent report card to share with her teacher as she was so proud of her excellent grades - straight As! Seeing her daughter thrive gives her a great sense of pride and hope for Marieasha’s future – despite her difficult background. In addition to participating in the AYHE, Marieasha continues to study the harp in her weekly private lessons. Marieasha was recently featured on the cover of the Richmond Free Press. She had her first solo wedding performance for her mentor's wedding this past month and has another wedding lined up for next year. Marieasha became a harp mentor for students with special needs in the GreenSpring Foundation’s Harp Therapy Mentorship and Outreach program. Once a week, she gives back and helps a peer learn how to play the harp. As her mother said, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you and your organization do for the children especially my daughter, Mee Mee. I want her to help others now too.” 

Will you help us provide harp instruction to more students like Marieasha?

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