Music Therapy


Music therapy is the evidence-based practice of using musical interventions to achieve non-musical goals through a therapeutic relationship. Typical goals of music therapy include but are not limited to: cognitive development and stimulation, emotional regulation, expressive and receptive communication skills, socialization and interpersonal skills, sensorimotor skills, pain management, and physical rehabilitation.

Location of Services:

  • Academy of Music:

    • If the child is deemed medically appropriate by MT and family, services will be offered at the main location at the Academy of Music.

  • In-home Therapy:

    • After two (2) formal assessments, MT (Music Therapist)  will discuss with family if having clients come to AOM will be medically appropriate.

    • If child can not be transported to AOM main location due to complex medical equipment (ventilators, oxygen tanks, etc.) MT will continue with in-home visits.