Group Classes

GreenSpring offers a variety of group classes for preschoolers through high school students. MusikGarten is the perfect introduction to music for children aged 2-5.  For ages 6+, the Piano Class and the Academy Strings provide an opportunity to learn to make music together with friends. For more advanced students, classes are offered in music theory, music history, jazz improvisation, aural skills/ear training and conducting.

Group classes provide a musical foundation for our youngest students and enhance and augment private instruction for older students. Classes are designed to give students the skills and knowledge they need to become well-rounded musicians.

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For ages 6+, this class helps students establish a foundation for playing in an ensemble. Performance opportunities available. Students must bring their own instrument, music stand, and class book. Students must be recommended by their instructor.



For middle & high school students, this class provides a hands-on opportunity to learn improvisation skills using their instrument of choice. They will learn the basic melodic and harmonic language and the skills the improviser uses to communicate.  



For middle and high school students, this class provides a working knowledge of fundamental musical structures. These can be applied to the study of an instrument or creating original compositions. All students will take a theory placement test prior to the start of the class to be placed appropriately in a beginner, intermediate, or advanced theory class. Students will learn the language, terminology, and mechanics of music plus the fundamentals of sound, notation, intervals, chords, musical forms, and analysis.



For middle and high schoolers, this class opens students' ears to the creativity of the great composers from medieval to modern periods with an in-depth study of great musical works based on the musical, philosophical, historical and cultural elements of each work. The focus of the course will be on listening along with interdisciplinary links to history, architecture and other art forms.  



This class is designed to help develop a keener sense for listening, and is integrated with the music theory class.  Each student will be able to distinguish between different intervals, chords, scales, and more. Depending on theory placement, varying levels of melodic and rhythmic dictation exercises will be given.  



Middle and High School students will learn basic and intermediate skills of conducting and leading an ensemble. Students will prepare a short score while conducting their peers.  Students will also be given a chance to conduct in a concert.  With approval from the instructor, advanced conducting students may take private conducting lessons covering skills such as score reading, rehearsal technique, orchestration and more, plus an opportunity to conduct a larger work.