GreenSpring International Academy of Music is a national thought-leader in music education for passionate students looking to positively impact the world. GreenSpring seeks to build good citizens and provide vibrant experiences through the power of music. From toddlers to seniors, music programs serve a diverse array of students, providing instruction at every developmental level. GreenSpring believes that everyone with the desire to play music deserves the opportunity to do so.



The GreenSpring Foundation is an innovative resource for increasing the appreciation, performance, instruction, and therapeutic value of the music in the greater Richmond area, Frederick, Maryland and worldwide.



The GreenSpring Foundation maintains and develops programs and performance opportunities for children and youth, regardless of financial means or disabilities, utilizing the harp as a catalyst for personal growth, community service and social change.

We are committed to providing life-transforming performance, service, and therapeutic opportunities which profoundly impact the lives of young musicians and the communities we serve.