Adaptive Lessons

Music is something that is universal and can touch the hearts of all people with varying abilities and needs.  GreenSpring is proud to offer options for students of all ages and abilities.

Adaptive lessons are therapeutically designed to be success-oriented and motivating, and provide opportunities for increased self-esteem. Adaptive lessons are ideal for individuals who may have difficulty with learning music in the traditional manner due to physical, cognitive, and/or emotional challenges. Additionally, they are great for students who may have acquired a physical injury and are in the recovery process.

Adaptive music lessons maintain goals in musical development and learning, but with modifications to meet individualized needs. Adaptive lessons are available for those who need some modifications to reach their goals of playing an instrument for personal enjoyment and accomplishment. Modifications could include physical adaptations to instruments, and improvisation techniques to help understand fundamental musical elements.

Adaptive lessons are instructed by board certified music therapists, who have extensive training and knowledge on how music affects the brain, body, and how to apply it to induce a positive change. Adaptations are made with the technique, style of learning, and physical changes to an instrument for those with specific physical and/or instructional needs.


Physical adaptations may include the following:

  • Color-coding or large-print/chord music

  • Learning songs using color or number codes

  • Over-sized guitar picks for guitar

  • Alternate tunings for guitar

  • Specially designed equipment for specific needs

Adaptive Music Lessons may include the following:

  • Use of visual aids to structure the lesson and reduce frustration

  • Non-verbal communication

  • Focus on preferred songs and music genres

  • Alternative communication devices

  • Incorporate music games, rhythm instruments, movement and singing to maintain and maximize learning

Please contact GreenSpring to inquire about adaptive lessons and how we can best meet the needs and goals of your student.